Solid Hardwood Flooring

Oregon or Western Ash (Fraxinus latifolia)  //  Hardness : 1160 

Oregon or western ash grows along the Pacific Coast. Ash wood flooring is strong, hard, and stiff, with good shock resistance. The heartwood of the white ash group is brown, with light-colored or nearly white sapwood, but harder than Walnut, Maple or Mahogany.

The qualities that make ash desirable for tool handles, oars, and baseball bats also make it an extremely durable flooring material.

Customize your Ash Floor

Remember you can (should in some cases) mix and match textures for just the right look. For example, Skip Planing assumes a Circle or Band Sawn texture, and a Chipped texture works best when combined with a more rustic texture and wood. 


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Hiring experienced hardwood flooring contractors may save costly mistakes, but definitely improves the overall quality and life of your floor. Each of our employees has over 10 years professional experience installing hardwood floors. As a bonded/insured contractor, the unexpected is fully covered.